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How Does Turkey Ready Wear Clothing Production Work?

Request a quote: If you want to produce your own models and want to know our estimated prices, you can request a quote. We have a low MOQ approach depending on the fabric type. Do not hesitate to ask us.
Sampling and Prototyping: We will help you create samples as the first step of quality production. We have all the services you need; pattern making, fabric and trimmings supply, printing and embroidery, sewing and shipping. There is no need to visit us, all transactions can be carried out remotely.
Production: After approving your samples, you can start production. We will inform you with photos at all stages of production and assist you with all customs and export procedures after production is finished. You may also want customized labels, tags and packaging.
Delivery: Let us deliver to your door by Sea, Air or Road, thanks to DHL, FEDEX, ARAMEX, UPS and Other International Transport Companies we have agreements with, to anywhere in the world.

Ready Wear | Turkey Clothing Manufacturer in Istanbul

Turkey Clothing Production and Manufacturer, A reliable clothing manufacturer for your brand, We Working with emerging brands doesn't always mean dealing with tight budgets and low quantities. They need a little extra support to navigate the murky waters of finding the right partners and getting through the production stages. That's why we We have become a go-to manufacturer for young entrepreneurs and SMEs in the fashion industry. We have developed a comprehensive service network and established strong relationships with representatives of the fashion industry while managing their production from start to finish. However, we are aware that clothing production has a steep learning curve. We also know that the process can be broken down into small easy steps that allow Brands to enjoy the process rather than fear it.

Our knitted and woven clothing product groups mainly include T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Zippered Sweatshirts, Hooded Sweatshirts, Polo pique shirts, Blouses and Sweatpant. Our range of woven products extends to Shorts, Skirts, Dresses, Shirts and Blouses.

jersey, interlock, pique/elastane, rib, wedge, waffle, modal, futter, viscose, french, satin, silk, supima, pima, dry fit, terry cloth, yarn dyed knitted fabrics, crepe, polyester, denim, gabardine, hemp We work with all kinds of knitted and woven fabrics such as linen.

One of the biggest reasons that enables us to offer better prices than our competitors is the use of less labor and faster communication thanks to the 24/7 instant monitoring of all production stages, from cutting to sewing, from packaging to control, thanks to the b2b panel. In this way, our customers see and confirm that we deliver high quality quickly, on time and at an affordable price. Thanks to my B2B Panel, you can follow all orders and order details of your brand, throughout the entire process until delivery.