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About Us

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Tughan Textile was founded in 2020 by Emre ÖZCAN, a member of a family specializing in textile. Our company that carries knowledge, design and technology to the future since its foundation, designs and produces knitted products for women, men and children.

T-shirt, SweatShirt, Capri, Athlete, Trousers etc. It produces a wide range of ready-made sportswear products. Considering the trends in the market, it has developed its production skill and level in the field of sportswear, and has a wide subcontracting infrastructure, and it provides water-based, pigment, transfer printing, transfer, transfer flock, metal stamp, sim printing, foil printing, caviar to the knit group products. printing, digital printing, sublimation printing, etc., embroidered, pigment, antique dye and heavy enzyme, stone wash, oil wash with added value.

Our company will be the trust partner of its customers with its systematic production organization as a principle of customer satisfaction, with its high quality, right price policies, before and as well as after delivery solutions.

As a result of our disciplined, diligent and quality work in the light of our past knowledge and experience, we will be happy to be the reliable manufacturer of our customers we work with tomorrow as we do today.

The main reasons for doing business with Tughan Textile :

  • With lower production costs compared to other European Union countries

  • We are the clothing manufacturer with the lowest production among clothing manufacturers in Turkey.

  • We provide all kinds of manufacturing services including fabric, cutting, sewing, printing, embroidery and ironing packages.

  • We produce at high quality standards for strong companies and those who create new brands.

  • We are an independent and continuous textile manufacturer and therefore we are not affected by delivery delays from the supplier.

  • We produce your orders completely in Turkey.

  • We are currently exporting to more than 10 countries throughout the European Union, especially Germany.