Tughan Textile

Turkey Clothing Production and Manufacturer

About Production Request Creation and Process

  • CUSTOMER REQUEST : We examine production requests with visual and technical details from our customers and give a price offer.
  • PRICE CONFIRMATION : We enter the order approved by our customers into the system. We Send B2B Panel Password to Our Customer. We are making preliminary preparations for the order. What patterns, colors, product types, fabric qualities etc. for new collections. If desired, we collect requests accordingly and start our work.
  • PRODUCTION TIME : The delivery time of samples is 1-2 weeks, the production time of orders is 4-5 weeks for ready-made fabrics and 8-9 weeks for special fabrics.
  • PRE-MANUFACTURING SAMPLE : Before the order is put into production, 1 pre-production sample is made and sent to our customer. After the approval of the manufacturing sample, we put the order into production.
  • FABRIC : We find all kinds of fabrics needed for sample making and order production in desired qualities. We obtain these fabrics in the right weight, desired color or print and use them in the production of our customers.
  • ACCESSORIES : We supply all kinds of accessories such as zippers, buttons, snap fasteners, labels, hang tags, advertising cards, bags, kraft bags, piping, and arabiye that we use in production from our suppliers. We do research and development on accessories for our customers. We always prefer the best quality accessories.
  • MODELING : We digitize the product models our customers want with our state-of-the-art devices, advanced software and drawing programs. Before cutting the fabric, we prepare our patterns, which we have created with appropriate modeling techniques, for use.
  • PLANNING : We make preliminary preparations by identifying fabric needs and accessory requirements. After meeting the needs, we plan and implement the requirements such as which fabric will be cut and when, when and how the cut fabrics will be sewn, and the organization of printing and embroidery operations.
  • CUTTING : We do the cutting operations meticulously in order to separate the fabric balls into model pieces. First of all, we do the laying processes, and we ensure that the fabrics are separated into model pieces with our cutting machine.
  • EMBROIDERY : We can embroider any desired pattern with our embroidery machines, which also have laser cutting technology. We create the patterns that the customers send or want to be adjusted by us in our embroidery department. We can successfully embroider embroidery patterns on all kinds of fabrics according to the desired color and thread types.
  • PRINTING : With our business partners, who also have many new printing types and technologies, we can make any kind of printing desired. We create it in our print design department that customers send or want us to adjust.
  • SEWING : We attach great importance to sewing, which is the most critical point in the transformation of our orders into products. We are sensitively inclined to garment processes for quality workmanship and flawless details. We inspect and reinforce our success in craftsmanship and sewing with our intermediate controls. We can meet all kinds of sewing demands with our different types of sewing machines.
  • QUALITY CONTROL : We take all finished products under quality control inspection. We provide our control processes to ensure that there are no errors, stains or problems on the products. We do not ship the products that do not meet the required qualifications or that have any problems, and we separate them from our production line.
  • IRONING and PACKAGING : We carry out the packaging process with our experienced staff. We can evaluate and use many different materials such as plastic bags, gelatin bags, PVC bags, kraft packages as desired and use them in packaging processes. We ensure that accessories such as advertising cards and hang tags are used on the packages, and we stick barcodes and warning texts on the packages.
  • SHIPMENT : We carefully pack all the products that have been produced and whose quality control is provided, and ship them to the addresses of our customers. Our teams, who carefully carry out the packaging processes, also carry out the shipping processes with the same care. According to the demands of our customers, we complete our shipments by land, sea or air.
  • PRODUCTION TRACKING PANEL : Thanks to the password we have given to our customers, our customers can create designs through the panel. They can see our or their own models with their technical details. It can follow the production process of its orders instantly. It can access the packing list of the products that are ready or shipped. Access to Print Embroidery color chart, Fabric Information and Color Charts.
  • COMMITMENT TO TIMELY DELIVERY : We always deliver orders on time to meet customers' requirements.

In accordance with the demands and needs of our customers, the most accurate fabric and labor costs are taken into consideration. Sample studies of the designed models are made. Pricing is made according to the sample.

Together with our business partners, we aim to bring together the businesses of our business partners, like our own business, with social and environmental high standards, with an approach based on ethical-social responsibility principles.

Our experienced Quality Control team examines the quality of fabric and auxiliary materials, sewing-ironing quality in the production process and possible process errors, and ensures that the error-free products are loaded.

After specifying the product content, features and required quantity, a price offer is prepared. A manufacturing sample is created in line with the design or sample received from you. Sample production time is between 7-10 days. If the stock fabrics on the production chart are preferred, our production period is 3-4 weeks, and for special production fabrics, this period is 6-7 weeks. Delivery: It takes 2-3 days by air cargo and 7-10 days by road.

We operate in many fields such as the production of brand clothes, office uniforms, worker uniforms, school uniforms and promotional items together with our team specialized in the field of custom production textile products. Product Groups: Cloth Mask, T-shirt, Polo Collar, Sweatshirt, Oversized T-Shirt, Fleece, Shirt, Trousers, Shorts, Tights, Hats, Aprons, Caps and Dog Clothes


We bring you many customization options to make your brand unique and unique. In addition to our various embroidery, printing (Chinese needle, wrapping, zig zag, applique embroidery and screen printing, sublimation, digital, transfer, puff, pvc, flock printing, etc.) techniques, completely customized zipper, written button, puller, woven label, printed box. You can differentiate your brand with our accessory alternatives such as bags and bags.

We offer high quality special clothing production with cutting, printing, embroidery, sewing, ironing, packaging and quality control departments. We ensure that the production is completed quickly so that our customers can realize their projects as soon as possible. We offer competitive prices without compromising product quality.

In our B2B System, which we have integrated with our Erp System, you can view Price Studies, Sample Technical Specifications, Production Status, Production General Features, Fabric Features and Color charts. You can view the Check List of Ready or Shipped Products.